Angels of Sudjerac

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An ancient hilltop graveyard in Croatia where women clean up and dance. Again. A perfect inspiration for live dance theater, video short, music CD, and interactive DVD. Mystery cult maenads or rave goddesses? Fairy worshippers or TV variety show dancers? Magic Christians or airport security? Croatian dance artists join their American counterparts in a choreographed ritual designed to lift curses. Angels of Sudjerac will premiere in Croatia in October 2006 and tour the U.S. in 2007. Collaborators include filmmaker Tomislav Rukavina, composer Adam Semijalac, lighting designer Miljenko Bengez, professional and student dancers from Croatia and the US.

Partners: EkS-scena, a grassroots dance organization facilitating professional training, workshops and performances by local and international dance artists; HIPP (the Croatian Institute of Movement and Dance); Llinkt, a choreographer’s collective sponsoring site-specific work, trainings and publications; as well as dramaturgical scholars and theater historians from the Academy of Arts at the University of Zagreb, and the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures.

Funded in part by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures, and a Fulbright Fellowship.

Day is Done:

Mike Kelley’s large scale installation project “de-sublimates Euro-American paganism” through reconstructions of high school performance events, using yearbook photographs of extracurricular
activities as source material. Commissioned choreography
for Day is Done premiered at Gagosian Gallery, New York, in
November 2005.

Current reviews and documentary for Day is Done:

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